No Room for COVID Anymore February 23, 2022

If you haven’t noticed, in the news there’s been a rapid and total shift away from all things coronavirus, and redirecting the masses to a new bright & shiny object. And while this is happening, North American wannabe tyrants continue their try for dictatorships.

I’ll get to the new distraction in a moment. Let’s visit the current State of the Crona first.

Only days ago, the battles about mandates and masks were still all the rage. School boards defying governors and sixth graders defying school boards were the news du jour. Legislatures were still contemplating statewide vaccine mandates, and new mayors continued the mandates of their predecessors after running against those very policies. And the Littlest Tyrant of All from the NIH insisting it’s “too early for schoolchildren to remove their masks”.

And then of all peoples, Canadians step up to challenge the COVID mandates of that ultimate pajama-boy, Justin Trudeau. Peacefully and in large numbers, the big rigs descended upon Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City, border crossings and many other places the legacy news would not report. And they honked, loudly and often, in a completely peaceful and respectful fashion. A far cry from the “mostly peaceful” BLM protests that engulfed North America in 2021. No arson, looting or shootings this time.

Trudeau refused to meet with the protesters, gaslighting their movement by spouting lies stuffed with half-truths and other fictions. Then, after the blockades and protests were ended, he invoked what is effectively martial law with the support of his useful legislative idiots. After all, “honk-honk means Heil Hitler” dontcha know? Now Pajama-boy can take your money and your freedoms if you happen to be a Canadian citizen that disagrees with his program.

Meanwhile, south of the 45th Parallel, ersatz president Joe Biden and his administration wastes no time furthering their tyrannical aspirations. Tthe National Guard has been called up in response to the US version of the trucker convoy expected to arrive in DC within a few days. And the fence is going back up around the Capitol. Of course it is.

On February 7th the Department of Homeland Security released a threat assessment, implying that citizens disagreeing with government policies are terrorist threats. Dissent = Terrorism. This is new; so much for the First Amendment.

This is the backdrop to the introduction of the latest distraction. RUSSIA!

Yep, Putin’s back and better than before. The ultimate villain for the globalist elites. “He’s gonna invade the Ukraine and we have to stop him with tronks of sanctions!”, said Sleepy Joe.

Why? What are the national security implications to the United States if Russia reacquires Ukraine? Not implications to Europe, or NATO, but the US of A?  Haven’t heard anything vaguely resembling an answer to this question, and the days of America riding to the defense of Europe need to be in the rearview mirror.

While Sleepy Creepy goes on to tell Americans they’re going to pay even more because RUSSIA!, the press goes right along with the charade. The coming higher gas bills are Putin’s fault. Of course they are.

Less than two years ago a gallon of gasoline cost around $2 and change. Now it’s almost twice that amount, and heading higher still, because RUSSIA! Are you sure the reason isn’t due to Biden clamping down domestic oil production, along with printing trillions of worth-less dollars? 

Ukraine is nothing more than a sideshow to deflect from Biden’s absolutely miserable domestic policies running up to the November elections. He and his administration is upside down on ALL of the issues by significant margins. He’s hoping for Ukraine and RUSSIA! to distract and deflect- a standard play from the Leftist playbook. A bright and shiny object to hold the attention of the stupid masses. Why not try it? It’s worked before. 

Should things proceed as projected, and Biden loses the House of Representatives and perhaps even the Senate this November, there will be a chance that the current policy disasters we’re experiencing can be stopped and perhaps reversed. But only if the Republicans actually execute for a change. I have little hope that they will based upon past performance. The Uniparty is a real thing, and its members live in a swamp named Washington DC.

Sorry for the rant- this post just kind of happened. If you can’t tell, I’m a bit angry about this, and all of the shenanigans our so-called leaders continue to foist upon the citizenry. It all needs to stop, and stop soon.

And as far as DHS and their terrorism assessment goes, here’s a little twist on a quote from back in the day: If this be terrorism, make the most of it.

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