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It’s the First Day of Spring- Hiking Begins, Flowers Are Starting & More– March 20, 2023

Now that chronicling our recent westward road trip is complete, I am looking forward to resuming more-or-less real time writing. With the astronomical advent of spring, the timing couldn’t be better as there’s much going on and more getting ready to happen. First up today is some promised follow-up regarding Mills DeForrest Andross. Or, was his name Miles Deforest Andross? It’s unclear according to some things I read. In a previous post I mentioned he was the lone Vermonter to be killed at the Battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836.  There isn’t a whole lot of information about…

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Notes From The Road: Episode 14- Aliens, White Dunes & A Change In Plans – March 17, 2023

We arrived at our hotel in Roswell just as the sun was setting on Sunday, February 19th. I was taken aback at the physical size of the town as we drove through for the first time. I did not envision such a large place. Roswell presents more as a small city than a typical southwestern town. Our accommodations were on the main drag, not far from a place I was unaware of, the New Mexico Military Institute. NMMI has been there since opening in 1891, and is a public high school and junior college overseen by the State. From what…

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Notes From The Road: Episode 13- Into New Mexico, and Underground We Go – March 14, 2023

We headed out of Texas on Sunday morning. On the agenda this day was a visit to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, so we headed up Texas Route 54 as we had the day before, once again towards the Guadalupe Mountains.  The weather was not good, overcast and rainy; a good day to spend underground! We were glad to have seen El Capitan the day before in the brilliant sunshine.  After finishing that excellent dinner the previous night at The Cattle Company in Van Horn, I went online and made reservations for entry into the Caverns. With the increasing popularity of…

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Notes From The Road: Episode 12- West Texas Cruise– March 8, 2023

After two days of exploring Big Bend National Park, we decided to take Saturday, February 18th easy. It was time to begin making our way out of Texas for New Mexico, so we planned to spend the day cruising through some West Texas small towns, seeing what’s there to be seen. Fort Stockton worked out well enough as a base of operations. Although a long way from Big Bend, the town had everything needed for a brief stay, despite being a bit light on restaurants. On our way out of town we said goodbye to the resident roadrunner. We saw…

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Notes From The Road: More From Big Bend National Park; Pine Canyon Trail – March 6, 2023

Friday the 17th was our Groundhog Day, as once again we were up and on the road for Big Bend before 6AM. This would be our second, and last day at the National Park.  Again we were treated to an incredible Texas sunrise as we traveled the 90 miles towards the Park. We encountered very, very few cars that morning going in either direction. Traffic did pick up a bit as we entered the park, and when we got to Panther Junction, the lot was half full. Busy, but fewer cars and people than the previous day. I checked in…

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