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Questions for Governor Scott

During the course of the Corona Panic, I’ve sent several letters to Vermont Governor Phil Scott, asking questions of his administrations actions and policies. I never get meaningful replies (surprise!), even when I took him to task for mandating preferential treatment of so-called BIPOC people when the vaccines were rolled out, which was clearly an unconstitutional and illegal policy. All I’ve received to date are self-promoting talking points from staffers. Below is my latest list of questions for the Governor, […]

Thoughts on Retirement- Part 1

I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this website that I’ve entered the final stretch towards retiring from the workforce. I refer to this time as the glide path towards retirement. Getting to the point of realizing the time had come was an interesting process. My first “real job” came along during my early high school days, working for a department store not far from my home. That was more than 45 years ago. Actually, closer to 50. For the last 30 or […]

A Sign of Spring

It’s hard to think of Spring coming along when it’s -17°F outside as it is here today. But, it is coming, and a few days ago I received the first sign. The seed order was delivered. Let me explain a little about my program. Each year around mid-November the annual seed catalog arrives. This is good timing, as the garden is pretty much wrapped up by October, and I’m ready to start thinking about the next season. My go-to seed […]

The Blog is Back, or, Why Am I Doing This Again?

I’ve always enjoyed writing once forcing myself to sit down and actually do it. The second half of that sentence has always been the stumbling block, but there have been periods in my life where I’ve been able to pull it off. Ten or so years ago some friends and I ran a rather political website that aimed to shake up and introduce some change to a political party. There was success in that effort, and we had a heck […]

The day after the snow

It’s been really cold here over the past few days, and last Friday we received another one of those all day and into the night snowstorms. This one lasted about twenty hours or so, and did not deposit too much of the white stuff; maybe four inches. There’s an old saw in New England: “If you don’t like the weather, wait a while. It’ll change.” This adage is heard in other parts of the US, but I will attest that […]