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Journey’s End, a Border and Another Mountain- October 3, 2022

It’s been a few days since my last posting, as time last week escaped me. It’s now fall, and cleaning up the grounds and preparing for winter is the order of the day. It’s not unusual for the first snowfall to arrive as early as the first of November here. There hadn’t been a hike since Mt. Cube a couple of weeks ago, unless one counts another walk around Echo Lake (I don’t). I was planning on no walking this […]

Garden 2022: The First Day of Fall & Carrots – September 22, 2022

It’s been a wet and cold week as Fall arrives. The “official” end to summer is this Thursday at approximately 9AM Eastern. We are still quite busy with the growing things. When this recent wetness began last Sunday, it was Carrot Day. This is one of the more labor-intensive harvest activities each year, and my wife and I devote the better part of a day to getting it all done. I started mid-morning, before the rains began. The first step […]

Mt. Cube: Weird Name, But A Fun Hike – September 20, 2022

Last Saturday turned out to be the nice day of the weekend, and as usual my son and I found a hill to climb- Mt. Cube. It’s located near Orford, New Hampshire, and we’ve had it on our to-do list for a while this summer. It’s another one on the 52 With A View list. We met a bit after 9AM at the Orford Town Hall, and proceeded over to the trailhead in the Jeep. We’d decided upon going up […]

A Little of This, and A Little of That – September 13, 2022

Last weekend delivered incredible weather for September, with both Saturday and Sunday in the high 70s. Bright, sunny, slightly humid and no wind- not the usual fare for late summer. It felt like high summer, even with the sun descending much earlier each evening. Friends were visiting us at the pond, so the normal routine was happily interrupted. There was still garden activity, though. The veggies need to come in when they are ready. Nothing significant was planned for hiking, […]

Labor Day Hike: The 12th Mountain on a Gloomy Day – September 6, 2022

Last weekend was the traditional “End of Summer” here in the US- Labor Day Weekend. I did not have anything planned in the way of travel or outings, as the weather wasn’t looking too good and my usual hiking partner had other interests to pursue. So, on Friday afternoon I took the 5 mile walk around Echo Lake, figuring that would have to suffice for the weekend. It’s a good walk and a good distance. And I felt good after […]