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Garden 2022: Much Planting Done; More Left To Do & New Visitors May 23, 2022

Earlier this year when writing about the planning of this year’s garden, I mentioned that I thought it was going to be an “early” season. Well, basing my decisions on weather forecasts- always a chancy business- I took the leap and put an awful lot into the ground last weekend. About a week before I normally would. The weather for transplanting was good. It was very hot both Saturday and Sunday, in the mid-to-high 80s each day, with the promise […]

Garden 2022: Onions Planted; Radishes Have Popped & A Busy Weekend Ahead- May 17, 2022

Thought I’d drop a quick garden update this morning, as there’s been progress. Late last week my wife and I planted all of the onion sprouts. That single 1020 tray of seedlings ended up populating three of the 4’ x 8’ raised beds with a total of 315 onion plants. New York Early Yellow comprised two-thirds of the planting, with the third bed receiving Rossa Di Milano Red Onions. Here’s a photo of the beds right after the planting. Having […]

Cardigan Mountain Hike- Saturday Ups!      May 16, 2022

Building upon the good start to the hiking season with last week’s Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail walk, last Saturday my son and I decided to clamber up rocky Cardigan Mountain in Canaan, New Hampshire. This mountain is a popular hiking destination, as it’s on the edge of the day trip range from large population centers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. So, it can be crowded. Get in early for access to parking. We got there just before 10AM and secured […]

Garden 2022: Final Prep for the Onion Beds & Installation of the Trellises! May 12, 2022

The last step I need to complete before setting out the onions is to mark up the grid pattern of where each plant will be placed. This is where gardening in raised beds begins its divergence from traditional in-the-dirt farming. At the core of raised bed gardening is a discipline named “French Intensive Gardening”. The name is misleading, for some of the tenets predate the French by quite a bit. There are accounts of similar Chinese gardening methods going back […]

Garden 2022: Heavy Work Done, a Promising Forecast & More Groundhog     May 9, 2022

We are finally getting into Spring in a meaningful way. Last weekend was fabulous, with both Saturday and Sunday being sunny and dry, even if they were a bit windy. I spent a couple of hours on Sunday completing the preparation of the raised beds- that’s the last of the “heavy work”. Overall everything is doing well on the propagation racks. Brussels sprouts are getting big, as are the eggplant and tomato seedlings. Broccoli and cauliflower are close to setting […]