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Garden 2022: Bringing In The Onions! – August 3, 2022

It’s onion harvesting time!  The whole process is fairly simple, and starts when the tops of the onions fall over as in the photo below. Once half the bed falls over naturally, I manually fold over the rest  This helps keep all of the onions on the same schedule. After five or so days, it’s time to pull them up. The actual harvesting takes very little time. Each onion is gently removed from the soil with a light tug and […]

It’s A Mountain, But It Isn’t Bald – August 1, 2022

Bald Mountain, that is- it’s well-covered with trees all the way to the top. This mountain is tucked in between Westmore and East Charleston, Vermont. It is the tallest mountain in the neighborhood, with the classic pyramidal rise above the surrounding terrain. This was one of the first mountains I hiked when we relocated to this area five years ago, and while it is forested on the summit, Bald Mountain has an accessible fire tower. The views from which are […]

Garden 2022: July Is Almost Gone – July 26, 2022

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last Garden Update, and things have been moving right along. As we approach the end of July, the garden is beginning to yield more and more. We’ve been harvesting and eating strawberries, lettuce and radishes for  quite awhile now. The strawberries have tapered off for the moment, but the salad items are still going strong. Added to the mix now are Gentry Summer Squash, Green Beans and we even got some cauliflower, […]

Mt. Osceola: A Big Mountain With Big Rocks And Big Views – July 21, 2022

In the previous post I closed by saying there was another mountain last weekend. That mountain was Mount Osceola. It’s over in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. I left the Kingdom early last Sunday, as the plan had me picking up my son 100 miles south and then both of us proceeding northeast to hike Osceola. Travel went smoothly, and we arrived at the trailhead on Tripoli Road a bit after 11AM that morning. Beware this road- it’s in fairly horrible […]

Magalloway Road Trip- A Mountain, A Meal & Another Moose – July 19, 2022

I took a couple of vacation days from work on either side of last weekend. Nothing serious planned in the way of travel or events; the hope was to spend some good time out of doors in new places. And that happened. Friday looked to be a great day weather-wise, so I decided to check out a mountain over in New Hampshire reputed to have great views, Magalloway Mountain. Wife decided to come along for the ride, and since the […]