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Wheeler Mountain – Another Day; Another Hill – July 5, 2022

I meant to write this post for several days now, but it’s been a fairly busy time around the pond since the last post. I’m behind on the Garden 2022 story as well. The goal is to catch up this week and be more diligent going forward! 😉 The Sunday following my hike of Black Mountain in New Hampshire with my son, I still had nothing on the to-do list and felt energetic. Wheeler Mountain is pretty close to home, […]

First Summer Saturday: With a Moose, A Mountain and More  – June 30, 2002

Last Saturday was the first one of Summer 2022. I did not have a whole lot planned, as Wife was out of town and the garden and grounds had been addressed during the week. The weather was supposed to be good, but warmer than it usually is here in late June. The only activity scheduled was hiking up Black Mountain in NH with my son. So it was an early start, as I planned to meet the son in Woodsville, […]

Garden 2022: It’s the First Day of Summer!  –  June 22, 2022

At 5:14AM this morning (June 21st), we left Spring behind and started into Summer 2022. It was a bit over 50° when I left the house for work. Summer in the North Country! Seeing as it’s exactly one month since the brassica was transplanted into the garden, and just shy of four weeks for almost everything else, it’s a good time to take stock of the various plants’ progress. As always, there are disappointing results combined with encouraging. I’ll start […]

Cow Mountain Pond Forest Outing – June 21, 2022

The weather last weekend started out cold and rainy- very cold for this time of year, with the temperatures in the mid-40s. The rain was the driven type, as the winds that have been with us most of June continued. The rain cleared out by Sunday morning, but things were still cool. The sky had more blue than gray, and there was no more rain in the forecast so I decided to take a drive over to Cow Mountain Pond […]

Garden 2022: A Very Windy Week It Was And… Strawberries!  –  June 13, 2022

The weather last week was just about what you’d expect this time of year in the North Country. Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy and sometimes rainy. But for the entire week it was windy, and at times significantly so. And wouldn’t you know it, after I was all impressed and preening over the shape of the brassica in the last Garden 2022 post, exactly those plants took the hit from the wind. One DePurple Cauliflower has died, and the entire bed […]