A Local Road Trip February 20, 2022

For the first time in a while, today started off with sun and clear blue skies. Still cold, but you can’t expect anything else in mid-February in the Northeast Kingdom.

At this time of year we sometimes get into a weather pattern where the snow never completely stops, and there’s always an ongoing accumulation. Between that, and the brisk breeze from the south, the driveway needed clearing off yet again.

After addressing that, I decided to take a local road trip, not only to get out for a while, but to try out a new lens recently picked up for the Nikon D90 I’ve been using for years. The Nikon is a DSLR, the only one I’ve had after retiring the 35mm SLR film camera years and years ago. The new lens is a 50mm prime lens.

The agenda for the day was to take some photos here and there. First stop was Island Pond in Brighton, VT, not too far from where we live.

After wandering around the main street in 9 degree cold, taking a few photos, I returned to the Jeep and head north on Rt 114 towards Norton. The next destination was Canaan, VT, a border town snugged up tight against New Hampshire and Canada.

The sun had decided to call it quits while still in Island Pond, leaving the day still bright, but with that uniform overcast sky, making photography challenging. But I do think the lens performed well. The real challenge is my adapting to a fixed focal length.

After a similar walking tour, I left Canaan and drove over the Connecticut River bridge, heading for home. The day was a success- spent some time outside, had some fun with the camera and did not get run over by a snowmobile or plow truck.

Here’s the route for today’s short journey:

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