Garden 2022: Onions Planted; Radishes Have Popped & A Busy Weekend Ahead- May 17, 2022

Thought I’d drop a quick garden update this morning, as there’s been progress.

Late last week my wife and I planted all of the onion sprouts. That single 1020 tray of seedlings ended up populating three of the 4’ x 8’ raised beds with a total of 315 onion plants. New York Early Yellow comprised two-thirds of the planting, with the third bed receiving Rossa Di Milano Red Onions. Here’s a photo of the beds right after the planting. Having the plants laying all over the place is normal at that point. It’s been five days since the planting, and they’ve now  perked up, and are growing.

Just transplanted

Other garden news includes the first eruption of lettuce and radishes planted about ten days ago. These I’ll plant every couple of weeks or so in several small designated bed areas. By early June we’ll have a steady supply of these two veggies that will continue until late October. 

Over the weekend I spent time doing the final preparations for the beds that will take the cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts this year. All of these plants have been put outside for several days now, hardening them before transplanting into the dirt. Right now that’s targeted for this Saturday morning. The weather will dictate if it happens, but right now it’s looking good. This weekend we may also plant carrots, Swiss chard and beets. We’ll see.

Yesterday we began acclimating the various flowering plants to the outside climate. Everything has been loaded onto the rolling rack and each day is placed under cover on the front porch, or in the full sun of the patio. Evenings they are wheeled back into the garage. By this time next week all of these plants will be outside permanently.

Look to the left of the hummingbird feeder…….

Final note- we haven’t seen George the Groundhog for several days now. I’ll post an update early next week regarding how much we get done this coming weekend, and what comes next after that. 

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