Garden 2022: Heavy Work Done, a Promising Forecast & More Groundhog     May 9, 2022

We are finally getting into Spring in a meaningful way. Last weekend was fabulous, with both Saturday and Sunday being sunny and dry, even if they were a bit windy. I spent a couple of hours on Sunday completing the preparation of the raised beds- that’s the last of the “heavy work”.

Ready to go

Overall everything is doing well on the propagation racks. Brussels sprouts are getting big, as are the eggplant and tomato seedlings. Broccoli and cauliflower are close to setting out size. And the onions are a crazy forest- they need to get out in the dirt soon.

Fortunately, the weather forecast for the rest of May is extremely promising. No frosts in sight, and after the night of May 10-11 no temperature below 40°F. Perhaps I was correct all those weeks ago when I predicted an early start to this year’s growing season?

I’m still not going to put out any of the sensitive plants until Memorial Day weekend at the earliest, and some might wait until a week later. But I am going to get the onions in the ground next weekend. We started hardening them off this week, getting the plants ready for the out-of-doors environment. Then we’ll get some seeds in the ground, probably starting with the carrots and Swiss chard. I planted a small amount of lettuce and radishes last week.

The flowers are also doing well, although I’m a bit concerned about how the impatiens will turn out. I couldn’t get any new seed from the usual sources this year, and ended up buying a packet of 2021 seed locally. They did not propagate well, so each of the planters only got three or four seedlings- I usually put more than that in each basket. We’ll see how it goes. Also on Sunday the pansies were transplanted into their pot for the summer, and that completes the potting of the flowers for 2022.

The verdict on the groundhog is still pending. I’m calling him George, and he always seems to be hanging around. I think his girlfriend lives in the field across the street. Thus far he’s not gone near the garden area, which makes me think he may have experienced the electric fence in the past. I hope so.

George the Groundhog

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