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Retired! Day One – January 7, 2023

I retired from work as planned yesterday. After more than 30 years working in the Information Technology field, and about 50 years of being employed, I am jobless.

So far I like it. But it’s only been a bit more than a day.

Transitioning my responsibilities was completed several weeks ago, so there weren’t a whole lot of things left to do yesterday at the office. I turned in the company’s keys and access devices, made the rounds to say goodbye to co-workers, sent a final email to everyone else, and left. Career closed. I am going to miss many of the folks I worked with each day, but it’s time. Ready to move on.

What used to be the workday committed to an employer now needs to be invested in other activities. Preferably meaningful ones! Readers of earlier posts know that I spend a good amount of time outdoors, walking and hiking the mountains of northern New England. It’s winter right now, but so far it’s one of those strange warmish ones- more like late fall than January. This is the month that routinely sees the temps plunge well below 0°F for days at a stretch. That has yet to happen this season. Today almost reached 30°F. I don’t see any reason to not hit the trails, so next week I’ll do just that on Tuesday. Or perhaps Wednesday. Maybe both days! Heh.

My wife and I are putting on the final touches preparing for a road trip we’ll be embarking upon at the end of the month. This has been in the works for a long time, and may last two months or so. More about that one next week.

I’m planning to continue posting regularly here; at least a couple of times each week. Perhaps more once we’re on the road, as there’s nothing like new places and experiences to inspire a scribbler. Writing consumes time in great big chunks. At least, it does mine.

After announcing my retirement to friends, I received similar well-meaning advice from a couple of them. They phrased their thoughts very differently. One said “Your poor wife!” while the other said ”You need to stay out of your wife’s way”. Both messages made me smile, and I took them as a warning to break my old routines and create new ones, while refraining from impacting her routines. Excellent advice, and I will keep it in mind- thanks!

Several other friends voiced a general warning that “things will seem weird” for a while. Some said a few days, others longer. One said his first year was weird, but then everything was fine. So far here there is no weirdness, but it is a Saturday. Perhaps Monday will bring on weirdness? That will be the first day where I used to be somewhere else. Funny, I almost said “should be somewhere else”.

Like I said. It’s only been a bit more than a day.

More coming soon, I’m sure- thanks for stopping by!