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The End of January Approaches — January 26, 2023

We had a good snowfall overnight, and it’s starting to look more normal for late January

in the North Country. I just came in from the first pass clearing off the driveway, and since the snow is still coming down- much more lightly now- it’s a good bet I’ll be out there again for another pass. About 6 or 7 inches has come down so far.

I came close to having to move this snow with a shovel. A couple of days ago we had a 2” dusting overnight and I broke out the old snowblower the following morning. As usual it started on the first pull, but then the auger cable promptly snapped once

engaged. That day the driveway was cleared with the shovel. I think it’s the first time I’ve had to resort to the hand operated, air-cooled D-handled snow shovel at this house. I guess I shouldn’t complain; this MTD snowblower is at least 13 years old, and while I’ve taken care of the engine and belts, I don’t recall replacing cables. Good news, though- the local power equipment dealer saved the day. Drivers Power Equipment picked up the machine, repaired it and returned it here in under 24 hours. Yes, that’s a plug! 

About three weeks into retirement at this point, and things are going well. I think. Keeping busy with the usual stuff, avoiding interrupting Wife’s routines and adding

some new things to the mix. I’ve been looking through some of the online course offerings out there, and have signed up for a couple. Hillsdale College provided me early access to a new course coming out January 31st, and so far it’s been a good one. I’ve been a history junkie forever, and I’ve completed many of Hillsdale’s online offerings. They’re consistently very well done. (Yep- another plug).

I’m also searching around for some good WordPress courses and tutorials, as the Pondside website needs help. As an ex-IT guy, I probably should have done better when building the site. When I relaunched it a year ago I was- and still am- focusing upon the writing and content, but I do realize the presentation could be better. So, improving the blog site is now on the to-do list, though I doubt anything changes until after we return from the road trip.

Speaking of that trip, preparations are well underway, and we’re targeting departure at the end of the month, give or take a day or two. I’ve taken to generating lists, first so we don’t forget to bring something along with us, and secondly to ensure all of the things needed to button up the house while we are gone are addressed. An extended trip over the road is different from flying somewhere for a few weeks- more gear can be brought along, and that hopefully translates to being able to experience more along the way. It may only translate to having more stuff to haul around and manage- we will see soon enough.

It’s becoming more of a certainty that we’ll incorporate the old Route 66 into our return trip east. Should we make it to Death Valley as the terminus of the westbound drive, the plan is to follow the old route back to at least Oklahoma. Beyond that, I don’t know.

Personally I don’t have any interest in seeing the Missouri and Illinois countryside again, at least not now, and definitely have no interest in another visit to Chicago. Wife has yet to express a preference. My working plan is to evaluate the situation once we reach Tulsa and take it from there (do what I’m told). By then I’m betting we’ll be ready to head for home, especially if the weather is warming up.

That’s it for today. Perhaps one more post before we head out, hopefully followed by many stories from the road. Thanks for dropping by!