It Is Not Our War, and Zelensky Is Not Churchill – December 22, 2022

What we all witnessed yesterday in Washington was bizarre. None of it good, nor in the interest of this nation or its people.

The day began with yet another boondoggle being foisted upon the taxpayers of this country. A 1.7 TRILLION DOLLAR “Omnibus Bill”. Omnibus means it’s stuffed with anything and everything the vested interests want to fund with public money. This latest grift comprises 4000 pages, and of course is too large and involved for anyone to read it and understand the complete scope of the spending. But it must be passed now!

As the Speaker of the House admonished the nation years ago, promoting a different scam, “We need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”. It worked then, why not now? After all, the ruling Uniparty in DC thinks the American electorate is stupid and completely controllable. 

This “Omnibus” contains something for everyone, except for the people it should preserve, promote and protect- American citizens. There’s money in there to assist foreign countries to secure their borders, but nothing for the US to secure its own with Mexico.

It also contains another 45 BILLION DOLLARS for our latest and favoritest client state, Ukraine. The same country that cannot or will not account for the billions of dollars already gifted to them by the American people, who increasingly do not support the extent of United States involvement in this horrible foreign adventure precipitated by the Biden Administration.

The day ended with that evil little dictator from Ukraine doing his song and dance, demanding more money from America and anyone else that might be listening. Unshaven and wearing a sweatshirt in the well of the House of Representatives, the former comedian said everything he was told to say while the bought & paid for Congresscritters lapped it all up. Must see TV!

Then the media and talking heads went to work, trying to equate his address to Churchill’s speech in the same venue at the end of 1941. There are no valid parallels between World War II and the current Eastern European hostilities, and that midget macquereau is no Churchill.  Far from it- he’s an autocrat who rules Ukraine with an iron fist, shutting down all dissent as well as the media and religious organizations who don’t toe the line. All while he’s lining his pockets, and everyone else’s connected with the foreign and military aid grift.

As bad as the Ukrainian-Russian Conflict is, it did not initially constitute a clear and present danger to the United States, and was certainly not an existential threat to our country or people. This war may well be an existential threat to our corrupt President and Uniparty fellow travelers, but that is a very different thing.

It seems that the number of Americans understanding this important difference is growing, and growing at a faster clip than the Beltway ruling class can handle- that’s a good thing. Perhaps our rulers will once again fear their constituency more than their donors. That would also be a good thing. It’s beyond time that we all wake up and speak up.

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