Pandemic Amnesty? Seriously?   – November 1, 2022

NOTE: Yesterday this column was sent to various state and regional outlets, and a slightly shorter version sent to The Atlantic Magazine in response the article referenced.

Today I read an article in The Atlantic titled Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty by Emily Oster. Central to the piece is a plea to let bygones be bygones, forgive and forget because everyone involved in the pandemic response was working in everybody’s best interests.

I use that stuff to fertilize the garden.

“Everybody’s best interests” did not drive the pandemic response. Lust for power and control of people’s lives did, combined with the usual looting of the public treasury. Lockdowns, masking, social distancing and all the rest, culminating in the largest fraud of all, vaccination.

None of these mandates would stop the spread, and there was plenty of evidence at hand supporting that assertion very early on, if you were willing to read and listen to doctors and scientists actually working the problem. The disease does not significantly affect healthy adults, and children least of all. This has been established across the world. Instead of protecting the vulnerable, our ersatz leaders decided to take a shot at controlling everyone. 

The Great Barrington Declaration was published in October 2020, and not only detailed an effective, science-based response to the pandemic, but also predicted the physical and mental health problems we are facing now caused by our elected and unelected rulers who chose to invoke a very peculiar brand of scientism, where their facts and edicts were unassailable. The media, including The Atlantic were their willing partners and enforcers.

Mask up, shut up and get vaccinated. Then get boosted. Again. Again! Where are we at now? The fifth shot? The vaccine that went from “if you get it you won’t catch the disease”, to “Well, you’ll still catch it but it won’t be as bad and you won’t spread it”, to, finally, “We never tested to see if the vaccination stopped the spread, and you’ll probably catch it more than once”.

Now that it’s the vaccinated who are continuously coming down with the virus. Ask the CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky. She’s had the whole vaccination series and boosters, coupled with Paxlovid and has tested positive three, maybe four times? Or has it been more? So much for the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated and the “Winter of Severe Illness and Death”, eh, Joe?

Dig into the data and you’ll find there’s a much more horrible side to the mRNA vaccination story. It’s starting to leak out around the edges, and I’m guessing it won’t be long until it’s allowed to be discussed in this country. Deaths are up significantly within the cohorts that should not be dying- people in the prime of their life. I never heard of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) until the mRNA vaccines were deployed.

They locked down our businesses, destroying many. Jobs and careers were lost and damaged by politically-driven policies and mandates. The world economy has been broken in ways that will take years to repair, if repairable at all. The United States economy has been shoved into an inflationary spiral due to the unnecessary injection of money, all under the guise of fighting the pandemic, but in reality enriching the ruling class across the Western world, and continuing the destruction of the middle class.

Worst of all is the toll that these policies have had on our children. Locked down and socially isolated in the most formative years of their lives, and for what? We knew at the pandemic’s onset that this disease was shucked off like a common cold by the average child. But school lockdowns were enacted, primarily at the behest of that major donor class- teachers’ unions. We are now seeing the damage done not only in drastically lower testing scores, but also in major increases in mental health issues among students.

Adding insult to injury, many states have been put into the position by the CDC to require their children to submit to the mRNA vaccine before they’ll be allowed to attend school. Why exactly was this recommendation made? Again, children are not seriously affected by the bug, and it’s a proven fact that the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission. The only possible reason left that I can see is to not interrupt the revenue stream for Pfizer and Moderna, and to extend the liability protections they currently enjoy.

I can only surmise that the powers that be and their accomplices in the media are feeling the tremors preceding the election next week, and this missive is just a trial balloon to gauge reactions.

Here’s a reaction: Never forget, and never forgive any person responsible for creating and enforcing the policies and mandates in response to the late pandemic. They were contemptible actions, and warrant removal from elected office, or appointed bureaucratic office at a minimum. Remove these people from the public sphere. Criminal and civil charges need to be filed, tried and adjudicated. Prisons need new inmates, and those enriched by the pandemic should be stripped of their ill-gotten gains.

Let bygones be bygones; forgive and forget?

I think not. 

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