Garden 2022: Weekend Update- June 6, 2022

The week or so since the last Garden 2022 post has seen many of the plants more firmly establish themselves, while others are just popping through the soil since being planted back on May 27th. I spent a few hours weeding, thinning out and cultivating the beds on Sunday- here are some updates and photos:

  • Leading off with the best news, the cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage are the stellar performers thus far in 2022. I can’t recall ever seeing these guys look this good, this early.
  • The beets and Swiss chard sprouted strong. They’ve both now been thinned out and should generate good crops, I think.
  • Peppers look good, and eggplants are still okay. I think they may be unhappy with some of the cooler nights we’re still experiencing.
  • Both varieties of cucumbers have sprouted, as have the green beans. The carrots have also broken through. Soon it will be time to thin them out.
  • All three beds of onions are incredible so far. Just about all of the seedlings have taken well, and are already 5-7” high on the average.
  • I’m still worried about the butternut squash and pumpkins. The next week should render a decision. The tomatoes are looking better.
  • Pretty soon the first planting of lettuce will be ready. Pulled up a few radishes on Sunday, as they’re rapidly becoming “eating size”.
Left- lettuce; Right- radishes

Moving into the growing season from here the story will be about bed maintenance, fertilizing, pest control and water management. I’ll try to capture this work in future posts, and will continue to record what’s happening in the garden, good and bad. As the vegetables come in, I’ll also share how we preserve the harvests. It’s not as hard as you might think.

To close out this post, here’s the garden visitor of the week. Or Sunday, that I’m aware of:

Thanks for stopping by; more in a week or so.

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