Apropos of Nothing- April 20, 2022

The other day I was asked why I publish the various commentaries found in this blog. “You can’t seriously think you’re changing any minds out there, do you?”. I had to laugh at this comment. I have absolutely no interest in changing (or affirming) anyone’s beliefs or convictions. 

What I write serves me. These commentaries and observations document my perspective. They serve as my stake in the ground; unapologetic, unambiguous and not anonymous. 

So, apropos of nothing, here are a few more thoughts I’ve been meaning to put out there:

  • Meritocracy is the only just system. Judging an individual’s worthiness by their accomplishments and content of character is the only reliable metric to ensure the “best candidate” is chosen for almost anything. Basing selection upon a physical characteristic of an individual- sex, skin color, etc.- is wrong. Programs such as Affirmative Action are racist, and the popular trope of “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” is a recipe for mediocrity and social disaster.
  • If you are a student of history, you cannot trust any government. The Founders of the United States knew this very well, and this is why the Constitution was written the way it was. The Federal government of the United States is especially untrustworthy, and has been for most of my lifetime. If you trust the government, you are ignorant- get your learn on!
  • Human nature has changed very little since the beginning of recorded history. The same corrupt endeavors and political power plays we see today from the Biden Crime Family and the Washington DC Uniparty can be found throughout the historical record- Persians, Greeks, Romans, Florentines, the Catholic Church and much, much more are rife with examples. The premise that “21st Century Mankind” has evolved is bullshit. The only tried and true way to get any man (or woman) to willingly adopt a course of action is to appeal to their self-interest. Period.
  • There are two genders. Male and female. That’s it- all of the other supposed variants being yammered about today are nothing but false constructs designed to promote various agendas.
  • It’s about time that the face masks are relegated to the dustbin of history. They do not and have never been an effective preventative measure against the spread of any virus, let alone COVID. But they’ve proved to be a great control mechanism, favored by autocrats of all flavors.
  • Anonymity is for cowards. If you’re not willing to put your name to your words, shut up. You should probably put on a mask, too.
  • Why do so many supposedly well-educated people roll over and acquiesce to the woke mob over so many ridiculous premises? I know many such people, leaders of our businesses and communities that will not take a public stand against the idiotic virtue signaling and societal deconstruction we witness daily. They’ll speak against it privately, but not publicly. Apparently the old adage “Much is expected from those to whom much is given” no longer applies. Sadly, the pillars of our communities have lost their collective spines.

That’s probably enough for today. Maybe too much for some? There will be more, I promise. If you’ve read this far, thanks for your time and feel free to drop any questions in the comments. 

These are my thoughts; I encourage you to express yours.

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