Garden 2022: April 17 Update

It’s Easter weekend, and here in the North Country we’ve experienced at least three seasons over the past two days- rain, snow, and sun have all come along, combined with chilly temperatures and strong winds. Spring is truly on the way though, as the pond’s loons have again established residence, along with several varieties of ducks. The Canada geese, unloved by all of the other critters, add to the cacophony, honking wherever they go. Here’s a mallard pair I think may take up residence over the hill from the patio.

So, a brief garden update today, as we’re a little over three weeks since the seedlings were planted, starting the 2022 gardening season.

Basically, everything is in good shape. The brassica is going strong, as are the eggplants, tomatoes and peppers. I replanted 23 marigolds last week, and that batch germinated at 100%. Nasturtiums, impatiens and petunias are fine, as are the squashes. The sunflowers are getting tall already, and shedding their first leaves. Here are a few photos:

Aside from some intermittent snow squalls, things have been drying out some. I went out today and checked on the garden area. The beds look like they came through the winter with no issue, and pretty soon it will be time to begin readying them for planting. I’ll describe what that entails here in the coming weeks.

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