Garden 2022: April 2 Update

It’s been a week since all of the seedlings were planted and things are looking pretty good. I plan to post brief updates each week as to establish an accurate history of the times involved- seed to sprout; sprout to seedling, etc. I’d like to document the entire year, right through the harvests and storing of the vegetables. We’ll see- there are times when it can get pretty busy.

Below are some photos of the various veggies and flowers one week in. Everything has started to pop as of this writing (Sunday morning) except the marigolds, impatiens, pansies and parsley.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but we began experimenting with some raspberry and blueberry plants over the last couple of years. Yesterday was sunny and cold, but the ground had dried up enough to get a look at the beds, and see how well the plants survived the winter.

The raspberries were planted last year from root stock purchased from FEDCO. This year will be their second year, and the harvest should be good. The smaller blueberry bushes were planted over the past two years, and are various varieties purchased from the local Agway store and FEDCO. Apparently you are supposed to mix & match blueberry varieties to get the best pollination. The larger blueberry bushes we discovered last year when clearing out some overgrowth heading down to the pond. By the looks of the tags still on them, they were planted in 2017. They produced some fruit last year, mostly eaten by the birds. This year we’ll see if they bounce back and produce more fruit.

The birds will present a different challenge.

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