Not Democratic; Not Noble – March 22, 2022

Yesterday a couple of news items regarding Ukraine really caught my eye.

First, it seems Zelensky has used this crisis to further consolidate his power over the Ukrainian government. He outlawed eleven opposition political parties, citing nebulous claims of “Russian connections”.

This is not the action of the leader of a democratic country. It is the action of an autocrat aspiring to dictatorship. Outlawing political parties is something Hitler did as Germany’s Fuhrer. The old Soviet Union specialized in silencing dissident voices as well. The Left in the US is doing pretty well with a little help from their tech friends.

Interestingly enough, the Ukrainian National Corps Party was not on the list of the eleven banned political groups. The National Corps Party is the political wing of the Azov Battalion, whom are actual Ukrainian Nazis.

Combined with purging political opposition, Zelensky nationalized all Ukrainian television media into a single, State-run enterprise. Again, not the action of a democratic leader in a democratic country. Can you imagine a political party controlling the mainstream media here in the United States?

OK, well perhaps you can imagine that. Perhaps the only difference between what Zelensky did and the reality of the arrangement between US media and the Left is that Zelensky announced the move and executed it publicly. Both arrangements allow for the single narrative; the effective dissemination of State approved propaganda.

And part of that propaganda on this side of the Atlantic is Ukraine’s ongoing heroic struggle to “save their democracy”. 

Zelensky is not a noble figure, only another strongman consolidating power, as he’s done since acquiring office. Ukraine is not a democracy. Ukraine is a corrupt mess, and has been the playground and piggy bank for our corrupt Washington state since they installed a “more friendly” government there not long ago.

I think I’ve come to understand that the risk of exposing the corrupt and illegal activities of the United States in and with Ukraine is what the Federal Government equates with “National Interest”. 

2 thoughts on “Not Democratic; Not Noble – March 22, 2022

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