Hear Now, Some News-  March 16, 2022

It’s been a couple weeks since I tossed out a few comments and supporting links regarding the news of the day. That’s not due to their being any lack of issues to opine upon, but rather the sheer high-pitched volume of bad and worse news. It’s all very depressing, even when some of your opinions start looking like they may be correct.

I’ve been fairly vocal about Ukraine’s pussyfooting with NATO membership being a primary cause of the Russian invasion. That, combined with the United States promising no expansion of NATO back in the 1990s, which turned out to be yet another lie by our ruling class. All NATO does is expand. We have an extremely poor history of foreign policy promises followed by back-stabbing actions in many parts of the world. I’m sure Colonel Gaddafi would love to address this topic, but sadly, he’s unavailable for comment.

I’m still of the opinion that Putin has no reason to trust anything America, and by extension NATO, says or promises. He’s going to look after Russia’s best interest. And what better time to execute a foreign adventure than when you’re bringing in loads of petrodollars generated by the incompetent leadership of your greatest self-proclaimed foe (that’s the USA, in case you missed the memo).

Here is an excellent column by Benjamin Braddock about the Ukraine situation and how the world got to where it is today. The USA played the major role, and we are not the “good guys”. Please take the time to read it- it is a well-written account of why we are where we are.

The Architects of Our Present Disaster

Until the past couple of days, COVID was almost completely wiped from the national discourse. I’m still amazed how quickly the powers that be managed to supplant that emergency with a new one. But, there are new whispers- Pfizer’s CEO spoke publicly this week about a fourth booster being required, and future boosters required each year. So, we’ve got that going for us.

After a prolonged period of (imposed?) silence, Anthony Fauci chirped the “We’re not done with this” last Monday. More vaccines are needed. Of course they are, Doctor. The jabs worked so marvelously the first, second and third times, yes?

In related news, Rand Paul continues to take Fauci to task. For what it’s worth, I support his efforts. 

As I watch television commercials paid for by the State of New York, insisting that all children get vaccinated for the Crona Plague, another State’s medical leadership, says “No, don’t do that”. One State’s recommendation is actually driven by data, the other, not so much. You decide which is right.

That’s it for this one. Thankfully spring officially starts in a few days. Next post will be garden themed, as it’s just about time to crank up the seedlings.

2 thoughts on “Hear Now, Some News-  March 16, 2022

    1. Ted Ropple Post author

      Absolutely agree- I shed no tears upon his demise. He was just a glaring example of a “bad guy” acquiescing to demands to disarm, stop pursuing nukes, etc. and then having the US orchestrate his killing anyway. Our foreign policies leave a lot to be desired.


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