Occupy Washington? – March 9, 2022

There is no doubt in my mind that we are living in a time where the people fear the government one hell of a lot more than the government fears the people. Here are five items for consideration:

  • Illegal immigration across the southern border is at record highs, and Federal immigration law is not being enforced.
  • The ongoing “Defund the Police” movement, combined with the more than a few Blue-City District Attorneys who have stopped prosecutions, crime, particularly violent crime has increased as in no other period of our history. 
  • Federal energy policy inhibits domestic fossil fuel production, but encourages purchase of same from unfriendly regimes across the world.
  • The Federal Department of Justice sees Americans as the greatest threat to the country.
  • United States citizens accused of trespass at the Capitol on January 6,2021 are being denied due process and held without charges or bail.

All of these ongoing events and issues are happening with the full support and endorsement of the Federal government. The media aids and abets by either actively supporting the programs, or refusing to report on it. 

These are just a handful of examples. I’ve not mentioned the Coronavirus Panic, which governments worldwide used as an excuse to grab and keep more power over their peoples. The current false narrative being promoted in the United States regarding Russia and Ukraine is another example.

Time and again Americans indicate their opposition via polls and elections, but are ignored. Those in power simply do not care what the citizenry needs or wants. In fact, these elected and unelected officials do not see Americans as citizens, but subjects to their rule. Government agencies and their fellow travelers in the legacy and social media are weaponized against dissenters. “Stay in line, peon, or you’ll be canceled next!

They rule to serve their agenda, and not to serve the United States. I believe most of the players upon this stage are only interested in self-enrichment at the expense of our nation, but there is an agenda being followed, and this agenda does not include having the United States continue as a free country.

But there are signs that these ruling elites have some fear of the ruled. Why else would the fencing go up and down and up again around the Capitol? And just why is there a new concrete barrier wall being constructed around the White House? 

Because there are many more of us than there are of them. 

The progressive lefties running the government know this. Hence the walls and fences to protect their home turf, and the use of the FBI, IRS and DOJ against perceived enemies. And don’t forget the nonstop political divisiveness- identity and victim politics plays a huge role in their maintaining power. The more the ruled are divided into smaller and smaller tribes, the more easily they are played off against one another, and otherwise managed. We must throw off the artificial social constructs of the left and decide to act in the interests of all Americans. Period.

If we act in our interests as Americans there truly are many more of us than there are of them. We can then act upon that. This used to occur naturally as the result of the electoral process. But after the last elections, many now question that process.

So how to get the attention of these self-serving bureaucrats along with their corrupt and incompetent current political masters? Some countries (France comes to mind) have a long history of leveraging government action via national strikes. Can you imagine what would happen here should everyone decide not to work for a couple of weeks? Not the Crona lockdown farce- everyone. What mumbled and garbled drivel do we hear from Biden when the proggy blue cities start to run out of everything after three days?

But we aren’t France (thankfully), and although there was a time when Americans were uniform enough in their beliefs and culture to be able to pull off something like a national strike, those days are gone. When we could do that, we didn’t need to because the government still nominally served the people. Today we’ve become fractured and tribalized to such a point that it would be difficult for most to agree upon anything, and our government serves itself.

Perhaps a coordinated, non-violent occupation of Washington could be pulled together? If two or three million people descended upon that city for a few days, it might just bring attention where needed. I have no idea how something like this would be organized, and there would be risk, but I would go if it were to happen.

While Occupy Washington probably won’t happen any time soon, the midterm elections will occur in a few short months. Given their horrendous polling and mounting list of retiring congresscritters, the Democrats look poised to receive an epic beating at the polls. I surely hope so. I also have no illusions that it’s going to take a different breed of Republican than I’ve ever seen to legislate from a majority position. For if the Republicans fail to restore America after the recent destruction by the progressive left, I think any semblance of the United States being a free nation will be done, and it’ll be time to turn out the lights.

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