More Questions, Comments & Columns – March 4, 2022

It’s hard to know where to start. This past week, while full of alarums and events worthy of examination and discussion, was difficult. Not unexpected family events required short notice travel of considerable distance, and the usual workaday world was rightfully interrupted for a while.

As of today everything and almost everyone should be returning to normal activities and usual places. It’s time to return to our regular program, beginning with that latest non-topic, COVID. There were some alarming reports this week:

  • Although we were assured by the CDC time and again that the mRNA COVID vaccines would not interact or modify DNA, here’s an alarming report out of Sweden showing that the Pfizer vaccine does exactly that. There’s been no comment by the CDC thus far, nor any coverage of these findings by the US government media. I guess having a vaccine modify the recipient’s DNA is no big deal? Would the modified genome be called “Human+”, or something else?
  • Apparently COVID-19 contains a genetic sequence that was patented by Moderna three years before the pandemic. Here’s the story, and here’s Maria Bartiromo asking the CEO of Moderna some very pointed questions about it. How can patented genetic material show up in something that purportedly developed independently in the wild- at a “wet market”? 
  • The CDC isn’t publishing all of the hospitalization data collected for COVID, says the NY Times. Can’t imagine why they’d suppress data that doesn’t fit with their vaccination narrative.
  • Some local news: The State of Vermont won’t release COVID death and hospitalization data because it “might violate HIPAA”. I’ll play the BS card on this one- Vermont has thrown down an amazing array of COVID stats since the beginning of the Crona Plague, and empowered non healthcare professionals to collect personal, private medical information without safeguards. The HIPAA ship sailed long ago. The reason they won’t put this data out is simple- it doesn’t support their preferred Crona storyline.. 

A quick touch on the crisis du jour- War in Ukraine!

  • I am still not onboard with the government-directed media’s narrative of “Russia BAD; Ukraine GOOD”. Absolutes rarely explain situations like these adequately. The Ukraine/ NATO issue has been swept aside by western talking heads. I asked last week, and reiterate: The demand made by Russia for Ukraine to renounce joining NATO seems reasonable. The United States took a similar position with the Soviet Union in regard to Cuba in 1962. Why was that ultimatum acceptable then, but Russia’s is not today?
  • The situation isn’t made any better by the painfully ignorant, inept and weak leadership of the West. There’s also the concern that Ukraine has been a primary slush fund of the so-called globalists since the dissolution of the USSR. Where does all of the money fit in?
  • And speaking of money, the US and much of the EU continues to purchase oil and natural gas from Russia. What’s up with that?

Finally, here are links to a couple of fine columns published over the last few days. Both appeared in Taki’s Magazine. Radically different subjects by different and very talented writers.

Dalrymple’s column was my favorite this week. Excusing bad behavior under any circumstances should be unacceptable.

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