News You Shouldn’t Have Missed, But Probably Did- February 13, 2022

There was no shortage of interesting news last week. More and more countries are shutting down the coronavirus mandates, while stories continue to work their way in from the edges regarding the efficacy and possible harmfulness of the mRNA injections. I don’t think that a drug that doesn’t prevent an infection, nor prevent its transmission to others can properly be labeled a vaccine. I don’t care what the CDC says.

To the north, the Canadian Truckers continue to make their point, peacefully, loudly and occasionally hilariously. I encourage everyone to do some web searches- there’s no shortage of stories and videos chronicling the protests.

I’m still surprised that Canada was first to the counter-Crona protest party in North America. I truly thought it would start here in the US. We probably should be embarrassed. There are rumors that our truckers are staging for a massive protest across America, descending upon DC. If that happens, will our glorious leaders call it an insurrection?

Here are a few of the stories that caught my eye over the past few days:

  • The German magazine Welt published an interview of Angelique Coetzee, the doctor credited with the discovery of the Omicron coronavirus variant. Read the article- the unsurprising news is she states that EU political figures explicitly told her to not tell the public that the variant was quite mild compared to the earlier one. We are fortunate that she did not follow their orders.
  • Biden’s former top science adviser, Eric Lander, did not divest holdings in BioNTech SE, Pfizer’s vaccine manufacturing partner as he should have after being confirmed by the Senate. Instead, he held on until the shares reached their highest price ever, and then sold, well after the 60-day window in which he was required to divest. This is the guy that was forced to resign for abusing his staff and subordinates. Classy and crooked.
  • Here are tweets from Dr. Clare Craig, showing the vaccination rates for Canada, Scotland and England, alongside with the percentage of coronavirus cases infecting vaccinated persons.

Read the thread.

These are just a sampling of stories from the week that was……I encourage everyone to do your own research, evaluate what you read and see and make up your own mind. Don’t let the legacy media do that job for you.

I’ll close out this week’s post with a link to Theodore Dalrymple’s latest column, A Simpler Life. Mr. Dalrymple (Anthony Malcolm Daniels) is a gifted and talented writer; well worth reading and following.

1 thought on “News You Shouldn’t Have Missed, But Probably Did- February 13, 2022

  1. darrelln09

    I had missed a few of these news stories but not all of them. That bar graph is very alarming. I knew the blue bars would be high but not THAT high. The narrative really is falling apart.


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