Recent News You Shouldn’t Have Missed, But Probably Did- February 5, 2022

The last week or so has been very interesting. There’s an incredible populist movement, perhaps better termed a “peaceful revolt” in Canada, as truckers, farmers and others launched a convoy to Ottawa, and are now at Toronto. Border crossings are being blocked in Alberta. Our Canadian neighbors are quite pissed off, and are delivering a very loud message to Trudeau and the ruling class that enough is enough. Trudeau is apparently hiding out and will not engage in discussion with the truckers.

To the protesters’ credit, there have been no arrests, or any violent confrontations. A marked comparison to the mostly peaceful BLM protests we endured during the Summer of ‘20 in the Lower 48. There is a movement afoot among US truckers to stage a similar protest, and I’ve noticed some Facebook groups promoting an event. The pages seem to come and go quickly, as Facebook sees these protests as violation of their standards, and takes the pages down. But BLM and Antifa pages are still welcome, so no despair!

There’s a ton of material on the Innerwebs about this story. I encourage you to do a search on Canadian Trucker Protest and look around for yourself. Try a different search engine than Google for balanced results.

There was much more news out of Covidland and Vaccine Nation last week as well. Here’s a sampling of stories not promoted on your local or national nightly news, but news nonetheless:

  • The United Kingdom Health Security Agency released a detailed report on January 20th that starkly illustrates that vaccinated but unboosted are dying of Covid at a far higher rate than unvaccinated persons. Here’s the study, and here’s the analysis. By and large the data coming out of Britain has been of much better quality than the US government sources.
  • The Atlantic magazine, of all sources, published an article reaffirming that children should not wear masks, for all of the reasons that have been out there for the past two years. Masks do not work to prevent the spread of a virus, and Covid does not affect children significantly. The masking nonsense does so much more harm than good, and needs to stop now.
  • And finally for this week, the CDC finally admitted that natural immunity to coronavirus is stronger than vaccines. But, when will they complete the circle and realize that if one has recovered from Covid and now has strong immunity, what need is there for any “vaccine”?

The wheels on the coronavirus narrative are wobbly, and soon to come off. Meanwhile, stay informed, make your judgments from what you see and learn firsthand and from trusted sources. Don’t live in fear.

2 thoughts on “Recent News You Shouldn’t Have Missed, But Probably Did- February 5, 2022

  1. Margy

    My take on the “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” now being a pandemic of the mostly vaccinated: that makes sense to me in that there are many fully vaccinated people who do not have the same level of immunity as others due to age, genetics, and comorbidities. A very high level of community vaccinaton does not change the fact that the most vulnerable population is now less vulnerable but not ‘bullet proof’. They never have been, and they never will be.


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