Recent News You Shouldn’t Have Missed, But Probably Did

Here are a few news items from the previous week that you probably missed if only consuming mainstream US sources, or as others term them, legacy news.

  • But here in Vaccine Nation, Tony Fauci says that kids under 4 years old will get three jabs, once his program is approved.

Omicron just isn’t that dangerous, folks. Vaccine Nation wants us all to think it is, but the science and data present a very different story. Some countries that are actually trying to “follow the science” are taking note and adjusting their approach. What a concept!

Finally, here’s the best column I came across this week. Another excellent essay by The Z-Man.

Commodus Americanus

“Our current ruling class looks more like carny folk than the men who built the empire. This is where you see the other comparison to Commodus. Like the doomed emperor, our ruling class cannot stop indulging its increasingly deranged whims.”

Have a great weekend.

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