Questions for Governor Scott

During the course of the Corona Panic, I’ve sent several letters to Vermont Governor Phil Scott, asking questions of his administrations actions and policies. I never get meaningful replies (surprise!), even when I took him to task for mandating preferential treatment of so-called BIPOC people when the vaccines were rolled out, which was clearly an unconstitutional and illegal policy. All I’ve received to date are self-promoting talking points from staffers.

Below is my latest list of questions for the Governor, sent on January 10th. Of course, one doesn’t just send the Governor an email like normal folk- you have to submit it via a form on the State website, which is what I did. If the address in the email below is used, the message is rejected. But, that’s the address you’ll receive a reply from, if you get one.

Haven’t received a reply to this one yet; will append to this post when & if one arrives.

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